Monday, September 10, 2012

Turn on Your Radio for the debut of Miami Foreclosure Defense Attorney Bruce Jacobs on "Mortgage Wars" - Tune in today, Wednesday, October 3 from 5p-6p on Station 880AM for the most informative hour about foreclosure on the radio

Don't miss the debut of Miami Foreclosure Defense Attorney Bruce Jacobs on "Mortgage Wars," the most informative hour about foreclosure on radio.

Mortgage Wars airs Wednesday Oct. 3 from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. -- Its regular time slot will be Wednesday's from 5 to 6 p.m. on 880AM/the Biz.1079846_platinum_mic.jpg
-Did the bank file for foreclosure?
-Did your loan modification get denied?
-Need a principal balance reduction?
-Do you need a foreclosure defense attorney?
-Should you pay the HOA or condo association?
A former prosecutor and bank attorney who negotiated his own loan modification with banks during the economic downturn, Bruce Jacobs has become well known in South Florida as an experienced and aggressive foreclosure defense attorney.
Bruce is part of a nationwide network of trial lawyers who are dedicated to fighting back against large banks. They train at seminars in New York City, Las Vegas and Orlando and share real-time, cutting-edge foreclosure defense strategies. Attorney Jacobs has also been asked to lecture in real estate offices and at continuing legal education seminars for attorneys.
"The goal for most of my clients is either a meaningful loan modification with a principal balance reduction, forgiveness of the debt, or to fight to remove the mortgage from the property," said Jacobs. He notes problems with mortgage paperwork often permit homeowners to contest foreclosure and fight back against banks, provided they seek the advice of experienced legal counsel.
Unethical bank practices continue to prove that homeowners cannot count on lending institutions to deal fairly - consumers must seek experienced legal help and negotiate from strength!

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-Mortgage foreclosure defense
-Strategic default (it's not strategic without a plan)
-Principal reduction
-Second mortgage issues
-Tax implications
-Mortgage loan modification
-Government programs
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